The pleasant walk around Pembroke’s Mill Pond is very popular. You and your dog can enjoy a mixture of both the medieval past of Pembroke and it’s prominent Castle and town walls as well as capture the flora and fauna evident in the Eastern sector of this circular walk. 

How to find it: From Pembroke Dock the main A4319 into Pembroke. 

Parking: The Foundry Car Park on the Commons. 

Start/Finish: The Foundry Car Park, the Commons, Pembroke 

From the Foundry car park begin your walk over the foot bridge taking you towards the medieval walls. Take a right and keep walking alongside the walls, bearing left up Gooses Lane. 

East End Square greets you as you get to the top of Gooses Lane, turn left and continue walking down Holyland Road. At the bottom of Holyland Road where the pavement ends, take a left turn into a small car park. 

Straight ahead of you here is the start of the Mill Pond walk, to your left here is where the ruins of the old toll bridge lay. Continue through the entrance and experience walkways into reeds, marsh land and woodland. Along here you will come across information points providing details on the wildlife that occupies this area. 

This walkway comes to an end as you go through a gate onto a lane; you turn left here and walk uphill underneath the railway bridge. You need to take a left immediately alongside a school leading onto a narrow path. 

This is the Western section of the Mill Pond walk which is heavily dictated by the imposing Barnard’s Tower, keep walking along the Mill Pond with the medieval walls to your left. You will be able to admire the abundance of swans across this path. 

You will come out onto the Mill Bridge, make sure you use the pedestrian crossing to cross the road and turn right, but turning immediately left outside the Corn store. This is a lovely part of the walk where you have fine views of the Castle all around. 

Upon reaching the main road, take the left crossing Monkton Bridge and again immediately left onto a path, so you are adjacent to the Castle; this takes you back around the Mill Pond. As you approach Pembroke Quay, head right up the hill passing the Royal George pub and taking another right back towards the Castle entrance and continue walking past the Castle. 

The road your reach can be very busy so please be aware and take care here to cross the road, turning left onto The Parade. The lane you follow here will take you back down to the Commons and upon reaching the footbridge on your right, cross the stream once more and collect your car from the Foundry Car Park. 

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