This short walk is superb for admiring fantastic river and sea views, incorporating woodland walks and an abundance of bird life. The views from the Harbour car park are great of the sea, so you may spend a little time here before heading off on your walk. This walk is known for becoming quite wet and muddy pretty much all year round, so ensure you bring your wellies and doggie towel! 

How to find it: From Fishguard town centre, down Tower Hill reach the Harbour car park in Lower Town. 

Parking: Ample parking is available down at the Lower Town Harbour car park. 

Start/Finish: Lower Town Harbour car park, Fishguard 

After admiring the fantastic sea views from the Harbour car park walk towards Lower Town Bridge. Cross the bridge turning left onto a lane, making sure you take care upon crossing the A487 as this is a busy road. 

Following this lane you will be walking pleasantly alongside the flowing river, where it does narrow and become muddy. Cross the stream and be greeted with woodland and keep walking on this path as you pass by a ruined building, proceeding up a slope keeping the stone wall to your left. 

This path will stray from the riverside and here are some more great views to capture down the valley and towards Lower Fishguard. You will meet the river once more, rising alongside it upon a ‘river terrace’. Descending towards to the river again, pass by a second building in ruins and meet back with the river. 

The best part of this walk is get to see it all over again as you turn on your heels and head back the same way you came! 

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